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*Rurr!* Hello! I made a quick Let's Play with this game, was fun! Being a floaty ghost and everything :P Should make a continuation and make more advanced versions where it's larger, more enemies coming after you ;O More evil!

thanks for looking at the game man! we'll continue with this :)

Hi man just released a new game if you wanna try it :D

Hey, looks interesting, but I mostly specialize in indie horrors, hope it succeeds and gets good attention though!

no prob thanks anyway :)

Hey i really enjoyed your game, the monster is actually pretty scary especially when you turn to see him just floating there in the darkness like a cat waiting to pounce! And the jumpscares are really good! Most games the jumpscares aren't that scary but these ones were everytime!! The only thing i would wish is there was more to it, like maybe progress to different levels that are set in different rooms that get progressively harder by maybe having more than one of those monsters appearing in the room etc. Anyway Good job! :) I also made a Gameplay Video of this if you wanna check it out:

Hey thanks for your feedback, really appreciate you were scared in your video :D

It's my pleasure XD

Can you upload the game in .zip or .7z format?