A downloadable game for Windows

A recent terrorist event destroyed many blocks of the city, search for the victims as fast as possible.

Deploy the drone selecting an area on the map
Locate victims and scan them
Locate hazards and mark them

The rescue team efficiency depends on you, good luck!


-MouseClick: Press UI buttons, select cluster
-W,S,LStickUp-Down: Throttle
-A,D,LStickLeft-Right: Yaw
-Up-DownArrows, RStickUp-Down: Forward,Backward
-Left-RightArrows, RStickLeft-Right: Strafe Left-Right
-X, X Button: Hold to scan Victim or Hazard
-T, RStickClick: Activate Thermal Camera


You’re part of an humanitarian team trying to aid people in a city recently sieged by modern warfare. Controlling a drone with the task of doing recon in the area by searching of human victims, marking structural weaknesses in the buildings and hazards.

All this as part of the “planning” phase of a SAR operation that helps the rescue team in doing their work in the most efficient and fast way possible.

*Project result of the class Serious Games at the Cologne Game Lab in THKöln


Rodolink - Linkedin, Twitter

Install instructions

**Administrator access needed to install the game


DroneVictimSearchSetup 95 MB

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